Company Policy

Schedule of Penalties

Verbal Warning - Either a verbal or written noticed addressed to an employee by his immediate superior reminding him/her of an infraction committed. This reprimand may also include counseling, advising employee against repetition of the same or similar offense to avoid imposition of the next higher penalty. This may be done thorugh coaching, email, or a written memo stating the sanction as a verbal warning. Team Leads, however, are encouraged to prepare a memorandum for documentation and future reference.

Written Warning - Given when the staff continues to commit an offense for which verbal warning was already given and the offense committed is of a nature that warrants such on the first offense.

Suspension - Is an enforced temporary cessation of work for a designated period of time without pay and benefits imposed on an employee who has committed an infraction repeatedly or the offense is of a more serious matter.

Dismissal - Terminates the services of an employee who has committed an infraction of a very serious nature or has repeatedly committed the same violation in spite of the corrective measures taken


- 1st offense would warrant up to "Written Warning"


- 1st offense would warrant up to "Final Warning"


- 1st offense would warrant up to "Dismissal"

Clean and healthy surroundings is conducive to work and appealing to customers. All employees should be safet conscious and concerned with the preservation of health and good housekeeping.************
1Failure to observe house rules/ hygienic practices which compromise company image/interestVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
2Eating inside the production floorVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
3Placing bags and other personal items on the table (cigarettes, vapes & juices)Verbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
4VandalismVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
5Sitting on top of the desk, pedestal and cabinetsVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
6Bringing of bags inside the production floor, training rooms, meeting rooms etc. except for those without lockers (top management, directors, managers, finance, and HRAD)Verbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
7Smoking outside the designated smoking areas.Verbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
8Failure or neglect to participate in scheduled company programs or drills intended to ensure health or safety of all employee, e.g fire drillsVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
9Not wearing company ID within company premises &/or tailgating or unable to bring the company ID/badgeVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
10Violation of the company's pen less and paperless rule on the production floor (this includes but not limited to reading materials like magazines, newspaper, usage or mere possession of any writing tool that may be used to take down customers' information from the database)Verbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
11Tampering, defacing or destroying company property (e.g microwave, headsets, computer etc.), a co-employees property or anybody else's property that is inside the company premises.
Amount of the damaged item should be shouldered by the employee if negligence has been proven.
Written WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
12Refusal or failure to follow or submit to the safety, health or security requirements of the company- includes wilful disregard of company directive relating to sanitation, cleanliness and orderlinessWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
13Failure or neglect to undergo regular or annual physical, random drug screening and other health examinations as required by the Company.Written WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
14Failure to report one's contagious disease which may endanger other employees or clients. This is without prejudice to the provisions of Aricle 284 of the Labor Code of Conduct of the Philippines. Further, the company reserves the right to put the employee on leave of absence if the circumstances warrant it.Written WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
15Forced or unauthorized entry into company prermises during off hours or assisting non-employees to enter restricted areas without prermission from proper authoritiesDismissal*********
16Unauthorized possesion and carrying of firearms, explosives, and all other deadly weapons while on company premises or during company activitiesDismissal*********
17Bringing or possessing or using any prohibited drug inside company premises. Exceptions are those allowed by doctors due to employee's medical treatment.Dismissal*********
18Drinking any alcoholic beverage within company premises whether on company work hours or not. Dismissal*********
19Entering work premises under the influence of alcohol.Dismissal*********
20Unauthorized use of access cards or company ID of another or allowing others to use own ID to enter/exit company premises.Dismissal*********
21Unauthorized entry in a restricted areaDismissal*********
22Does not wear face mask or not wearing one properlyVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
23Not accomplishing daily Temperature LogVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
24Does not observe Physical DistancingVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
25Improper waste disposal especially infectious waste like used tissues and masksVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
26Engages in conversation with masks off during meal timesVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
27Does not observe proper respiratory etiquetteVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
28Failure to report developing health complaints and symptomsVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
29Sharing personal items between employeesVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
30False production of Medical Certificates***Written WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
31Non compliance to Company's mandatory health and safety measures (Antigen Testing, Health Orientations, Health declaration etc.)***Written WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
An employee is hired because the company believes in his/her qualification to perform a job effectively. Assigned tasks are to be performed during scheduled work hours and at their assigned areas.************
1Failure to speak English in production area for those employees who are doing calls.Verbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
2Using the vernacular in written official correspondences including emails, letters, reportsVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
3Failure to submit critical reports or required documents within the prescribed periodVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
4Failure to follow training standards during the assigned training class.Verbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
5Engaging in unauthorized or unofficial work during official work hours causing detrimental effects on the standards of work performance.Written WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
6Wilfully holding back, slowing down, hindering or limiting work output, or giving instructions to fellow employees to hold back, slow down, hinder or limit outputWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
7LoiteringWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
8Malingering or feigning illness to avoid doing assigned work during work hours.Written WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
9Malingering or pretending to be ill and/or giving false excuses for an absence (this includes absence due to sickness but employee is not at home or in a medical clinic or hospital).Final WarningSuspension/Dismissal******
10Abandonment of post (not being on respective workstation during work hours)Final WarningSuspension/Dismissal******
11Negligence in the performance of dutyFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal******
12Violations of standard operating procedures and/or general directives that result in loss of damage to the companyFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal******
13Sleeping inside the production area during work hours.Final WarningSuspension/Dismissal******
14Use of internet during office hours not related to work functions in the production areaFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal******
15Instigating or wilful disruption/ sabotage or slow-down of workDismissal*********
16Failure to meet Performance Improvement Plan targetsDismissal*********
It is essential that employees maintain a good attendance record and refrain from inucurring absence/tardiness that disrupt work continuity. Please refer to the Company's Attendance Policy.************
1Failure to register an employee's attendance record in Slack/JeonSoft My ESS *after 3 incidentsVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
2Failure to input time in and out in Slack/JeonSoft MY ESS based on prescribed period. Verbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
3Absence Without official leave (Awol).
Employee did not give proper notification/advice in relation to absence.
Emergency leaves that are not valid.
Sick leaves without proper medical certification.
Proceeding with the absence or leave without authorization.
Verbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
4Late notifcation of Tardiness/sick leave/ emergency leave occurs when an employee notifies his immediate superior on being late or absent after the 1 hour grace period but still within the shiftVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
5Refusal to work on a required shift occurs when employee works on a shift other than the given schedule including compliance to break schedule unless a written approval has been sought from the immediate superior.Verbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
6Abuse of personal privileges (i.e. extended breaks, "walkaway" wasting time- should not exceed 15 mins & 5 ocurrences per dayWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
7Excessive tardiness = 100 minutes of accumulated tardiness within a calendar month.Written WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
8Unauthorized under time (leaving the office before the conclusion of regular work hours).Written WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
9Failure to report to work on a critical work dayWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
10Use of other device (aside from company's equipment) to clock in/out in Slack/JeonSoft My ESS during work hoursFinal WarningDismissal******
11Inputting time and out in Slack/JeonSoft MY ESS for another employess or asking another person to input in for the employeeFinal Warning w/ 1 to 3 days SuspensionDismissal******
12No call, No show (NCNS) as defined by failure to notify the company hotline within the employee's scheduled shift.Final WarningSuspension/Dismissal******
13Three consecutive days of NCNS will result to the company's issuance of return to work order. If unheeded, termination proceedings as prescribed by law will be intiated.Dismissal*********
14Altering/manipulating timekeeping records - for a co-employee or for one's selfDismissal*********
Employees must demonstrate proper decorum and professionalism within the company premises or sponsored events.************
1Pedding any kind of merchandise, soliciting orders or conducting any personal business without authorizationVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
2Engaging in loan sharking within the company premises or obtaining personal loans or personal favors from the fellow employeesVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
3Interfering with the work of or disturbing another employee (e.g loud conversation, loud music or constant gossiping).Verbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
4Non-adherance to company dress code. Refer to the updated dress code images sent by Human Resources ( e.g wearing other company's lanyard, jackets, shirts etc)Verbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
5Clean Desk Policy violation, as outlined in the House Rules.Verbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
6Injuring a co-employees reputation by spreading false statements. This includes - but is not limited to the following: gossiping, spreading rumors, intriguing against the person or honor of a co-employee within the company premises, company activities or other company sponsored event.Written WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
7Failure to settle monetary or other obligation with the Company.Written WarningFinal WarningSuspensionDismissal
8Public display of affectionWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
9Improper conduct or acts of discourtesy or disrespect to visitors, clients, and superiors at any timeFinal Warning w/ 1 to 3 days suspensionDismissal******
10Rude threatening, intimidating, insulting words or behavior towards any member of management, co***employees and customers by use of abusive, foul, disrespectful, obscene, slanderous or defamatory lanugage or behavior.Final Warning w/ 1 to 3 days suspensionDismissal******
11Stating profane, foul, scandalous words that offend/ distracts another person (verbal or written)Final Warning w/ 1 to 3 days suspensionDismissal******
12Commission of a crime or offense by the employee against the person of his employer or any immediate member of his family or his duly-authorized representative.Suspension/Dismissal*********
13Having an illicit relationship with your co-employeeDismissal*********
14Attempting to inflict bodily injury to others at anytime within company premises for any reason, or attempting to inflict bodily injury to others outside of the company premises in any dispute involving one’s employment.Dismissal*********
15Gambling in any form within company premisesDismissal*********
16Coercing, bribing, inducing or condoning others to violate company rules and regulationsDismissal*********
17Any immoral act by the employee either by himself, with a co-employee or with another person, including but not limited to sexual harassment committed within company property or premises or job sites or during company activities.Dismissal*********
18Fighting or instigating a fight within company premises whether or not on company timeDismissal*********
19Commitment of a crime as defined in the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines and other laws against a company officer, manager or supervisor.Dismissal*********
20Reporting to work while under the influence of liquor or intoxicatedDismissal*********
21Reporting to work while under the influence of prohibited substancesDismissal*********
The company extends trust and confidence to employees by allowing them to handle responsibilities and access to confidential matters pertinent to the business. Hence, employees are expected to preserve and maintain the trust and confidence at all times************
1Failure to submit pre-employment requirements within the prescribed periodVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
2Unauthorized substitution of company materials supplies, tools or equipment with another without approval from the companyDismissal*********
3Conniving with an employee to defraud the company or customerDismissal*********
4Fraud, falisification or misrepresentation of personal or company records, documents and processesDismissal*********
5Making or giving false statement, representations or information or report in any Company record, document or paperDismissal*********
7Stealing or attempting to steal company property, misappropriating or attempting to steal other employees property while in company premisesDismissal*********
8Demanding or accepting directly or indirectly any sum of money or anything of value in relation to a company materials, supplies, tools or equipment with anotherDismissal*********
9Giving false testimony during company investigation or wilful concealment and/or destruction of evidenceDismissal*********
10Unauthorized disclosure of privileged information, company trade secrets or confidential information acquired by the office, or by employee, on account of his position to unauthorized persons or releasing such information in advance of its authorized release datesDismissal*********
11Wilful unauthorized access to, use of, possesion, borrowing, removal, duplication of classified documents, files, programs and records including customer dataDismissal*********
12False claims for reimbursementsDismissal*********
13Falsification of office records, data etc.Dismissal*********
14Misuse or misappropriation of company funds or property including failure to distribute incentive money or prizes to qualified employeesDismissal*********
15Engaging in any activity directly competitive with the company's business.Dismissal*********
16Asking, demanding or receiving commission or bribe from company suppliers or contractorsDismissal*********
17Spreading or making false or malicious statements about the company, its employees and services in public through press, websites, e-mail and chat groupsDismissal*********
18Misdeclaration and non-declaration of information during the hiring processDismissal*********
19Conflict of interestDismissal*********
20Breach of trust or any act of dishonestyDismissal*********
21Forging signature of officer/s, employee/s, client/s on documents or falsely representing client/s or the Company in any document.Dismissal*********
22Kiting, misappropriation, stealing, conversion or using company funds for personal use or for purposes other than what was intended.Dismissal*********
23Any other forms of dishonesty, fraud or deceit committed by the employee against the Company, its officer/s, director/s, employee/s and/or clients.Dismissal*********
24Acts of disloyaltyDismissal*********
25Engaging in activity/ies that is in competition with the business of the Company without the prior written approval of the Company’s authorized representative.Dismissal*********
26Unauthorized possession of picklock, master key or similar device which can open any locker, drawer or door of the Company or a fellow employee.Dismissal*********
27Attempting to obtain material with the use of fraudulent purchase orders or falsified letters, memoranda or other authorization.Dismissal*********
28Attempting to bring out or bringing out Company funds or property without proper authorization.Dismissal*********
All company rules and regulations should be complied by employees. Any direct order given by a supervisor relating to work assignment must be promptly obeyed************
1Refusal to render emergency overtime work or to render extra day work after the employee has been assigned except for medical or fortuitous reasonsVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
2Failure to carry out reasonable oral or written job instruction of an immediate superior through imprudence or negligenceWritten WarningFinal WarningDismissal***
3Rendering overtime work without authorization or official work requirementWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
4Wilful refusal to carry out reasonable oral or written job instruction, changes, of an immediate superiorFinal WarningDismissal******
5Wilful or intentional disobedience to rules, orders and lawful instfructions of the company and or superiorFinal Warning w/ 1 to 3 days suspensionDismissal******
6Posting any derogatory comments to other employees, management or the company in general or any unathorized articles such as obscene or defamatory content, prints or drawings on the company property or premises.Dismissal*********
In line with Telework PH's commitment to Data Privacy and Containment, it shall be the Company's policy to prevent data leakage in our work environments; provide continuing education on data privacy and other compliance requirements; and implement rules on the foregoing for strict compliance. All employees are expected to commit themselves to high standards of integrity and in maintaining the trust given to us by our clients. These provisions shall be implemented more strictly as infractions have a more serious impact on the Company. businesses and is also put in place to maintain Service Level Agreements *** failure to meet these standards could mean suspension or loss of business for the company************
1Using company communication systems or equipment to circulate jokes messages or photographs that are defarmatory, embarrassing, racially offensive, illegal or otherwise inappropriate or in violation of the company's code of conduct.Verbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
2Using of personal computer peripherals unless approved by the company.Verbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
3Failure to keep headsets in personal lockers after shift.Verbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
4Changed any settings in the computers.Verbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
5Open suspicious emails or links regardless of the source. Suspicious emails should be reported to IT Admins immediately.Written WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
6Usage of Wi-Fi and Hotspot unless they have a valid reason and approved by the IT on duty.Written WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
7Connect devices to the network unless they have a legitimate reason or are using pre-approved devices.Written WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
8Download, install or use of unauthorized software that is not relevant to operations.Written WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
9Connects external storage devices on any company computers.Written WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
10Failure to lock designated computers and laptopsWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
11Removal or elocation of computer and peripherals unless approved by IT Admin.Written WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
12Alteration and misuse of company name, business trademark, or slogan whether in print or electronic formFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal******
13Not using personal NT and Webmail Account loginFinal Warning w/ 1 to 3 days suspensionDismissal******
14Removing or tampering company labels on equipments and other company property.Final Warning w/ 1 to 3 days suspensionDismissal******
15Failure to report lost and faulty computer peripherals within 24 hours. Employee will be held liable for missing/damaged computers and computer peripherals.Final Warning w/ 1 to 3 days suspensionDismissal******
16Unauthorized possesion/use of mobile phones and other electronic devices capable of storing, capturing, sending or receiving data or information inside the prodcution floor (laptop, handhel computer, camera, USB, smart phones, etc.) (change wording and included unauthorized possession)Final Warning w/ 1 to 3 days suspensionDismissal******
17Posting or Sharing of information about customers data on any social media platforms, and/or keeping a copy of these information in their personal devicesFinal Warning w/ 1 to 3 days suspensionDismissal******
18Unauthorized reproduction of Company records , documents, and other similar company property.Dismissal*********
19Other acts analogous to the foregoing that violate the data privacy rules and confidentiality agreement as enunciated in the company rules and regulationsDismissal*********
20Unauthorized introduction of unlicensed software in company computer systems and tamperinng/attempting to change the set-up of assigned PC'sDismissal*********
21Use of internet during office hours not related to work functions in the production area that result in the compromise of the company's computer systems integrityDismissal*********
22Sharing of any access information to a colleague unless approved by a supervisor or managerDismissal*********
23Using work email or any internet access provided by the company to solicit or operate personal businesses, for seeking contributions from co-workers in support of personal charitable activities, for entertainment purposes of for accessing downloading or distributing materials that is inappropriate, unethical, illegal or prohibited.Dismissal*********
24Posting of confidential, disparaging malicious or defarmatory comments relating to the business of the company, employees or its product while participating in internet chat rooms or online social networks (e.g facebook) videos posting sites (e.g youtube) newsgroups or blogsDismissal*********
In representing the company, customer service is our business and everyone's priority************
1Deviation from standard call procedures************
1.1.Allowing gatekeepers/customers to hear open line comments (whether directed to the customers or not ) by failing to use the mute button properlyWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
1.2.Allowing other employee(s) to pitch/take calls/work on another employee's tasks except for escalation (Team Leads/Team Managers/Support/Coaches)Written WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
1.3.Employee takes to much time disposing a call or handling a task.Written WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
1.4.Consistently failing to meet performance standards specific to the functionWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspensionDismissal
1.5.Sharing of passwords/system log-ins/posing as fellow employeeFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal******
1.6.Deliberately not using the headset when callingFinal WarningDismissal******
1.7.Fraudulent use of customer dataDismissal*********
1.8.Breaching of cutomer data confidentialityDismissal*********
1.9.Misrepresentation. Pretending to be from another companyDismissal*********
2.1.Non-adherence to verbatim scriptVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
2.2.Providing incorrect/incomplete information or responses to the customer's question/avoiding customer's question deviating from the needed information to obtain. Recommended escalationWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
2.3.Slurring pertinent information, mumbling words, voice fading in and out while reading disclosure and inconsistent volume and pace while readingFinal Warning w/ 1 to 3 days suspensionDismissal******
2.4.Giving inacccurate, misleading, incomplete delayed of information to customers when the employee knows, should know or is in position to obtain such information, thus resulting in inconvenience, discomfort, dissatifaction or expense to the customer, or loss of revenue or additional costs to the businessDismissal*********
3.1.Showing unwarranted preference for or prejudice or discrimnation against any customer.Final Warning w/ 1 to 3 days suspensionDismissal******
3.2.Consistently talking that go beyond client standards and/or result in irate/upset customers.Final Warning w/ 1 to 3 days suspensionDismissal******
3.4.Numerous rebuttals that go beyond client standards and/or result in irate/upset customers.Final Warning w/ 1 to 3 days suspensionDismissal******
4HANDLING OF CALLS************
4.1.Responding or pitching in Filipino or any native dialect in addressing the customer's concernsVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
5.1.Failure to document customer contactVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
5.2.Other procedural errors (e.g failure to speak-and-spell/re-verify collected data from the customer, not offering upsell, giving inappropriate rebuttals and others that are not covered by this section but may appear as a trend on the agent's sales)Verbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
5.3.Employee continues on with the application/enrollment without clear consent from the customerFinal Warning1 to 3 days suspensionDismissal***
6.1.Deliberately does not present or respond to customer (Customer/gatekeeper is on the line but rep fails to speak)Final Warning1 to 3 days suspensionDismissal***
6.2.Neglect of the needs of the customer, refusal or failure to assist such customer, engaging in non-work-related chatting or conversation, or causing unnecessary delays in responding to customer needsFinal Warning1 to 3 days suspensionDismissal***
6.3.Unauthorized transfer of a customer call that a staff has received, or has made onhis/her phone to another phoneFinal Warning1 to 3 days suspensionDismissal***
6.4.Realeasing/abandoning calls / hanging up to customers/ deliberately waiting for task exprirationDismissal*********
6.5.Left the customer on hold intentionally causing the customer to disconnectDismissal*********
7.1.Allowing other employee(s) to do tasks for another employee unless approved by the supervisor(must have issues and errors encountered)Verbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
7.2.Showing dislike and refusing the projects assignedVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
7.3.Failure to take the necessary courses prior to doing the live reviews unless there are issues or system errors encounteredWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
7.4.Deliberately avoiding the tasks (using Skip, SBQ option excessively/waiting for tasks expiration)Written WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
7.5.Dishonesty. Failure to inform the team lead/support when the task queue/assignment changes(doing other tasks aside from the project assigned)Written WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
8.1.Committing critical errors on the submitted tasks/reviews(making errors that are clearly provided in the instructions/base on the critical error guide)Written WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
8.2.Misuse of the important keys and functions of the tools that can compromise the quality of the reviewsWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal***
8.3.Speeding up reviews resulting in sloppy and erroneous tasks(deliberately submitting tasks without making the necessary changes and fixes)Final WarningSuspension/Dismissal******
8.4.Negligence in unconsciously submitting a task even before making the necessary changes/fixes. Escalation process will refresh after 1 monthFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal******
8.5.Client call out due to bad assessment and customer feedbackFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal******
8.6.Employee was requested either by the client or internally to be removed/banned from a certain project.Final WarningSuspension/Dismissal******
8.7.Employee was requested by the client to be removed from the account due to poor quality of the tasksSuspension/Dismissal*********
9FAILING QA SCORES************
9.1.Agent receives 4 consecutive weekly failing remarks within a month(<90%). Employee will be given 3 months prescriptive period.Verbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
9.2.Failure to reach the monthly QA goal(90%). Employee will be given 3 months prescriptive period.Verbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
For cases of Sexual Harassment, the company shall be guided by Republic Act 7877 - or the Anti Sexual Harrasment Act of 1995 - and its amendments. The hearing and resolution of such cases shall be in accordance with the provisions of the said act.Notwithstanding the provision below, the company reserves the right to use RA 7877 in defining acts of sexual harrasment .************
1StalkingFinal Warning w/ SuspensionDismissal******
2Isolation, deliberate exclusion and/or non co-operation at workFinal Warning w/ SuspensionDismissal******
3Persistent and unreasonable criticism towards the company or co-employeeFinal Warning w/ SuspensionDismissal******
4Unwanted physical contactDismissal*********
5Persistently telling smutty jokes to a co-employee who has indicated that he or she finds them offensiveDismissal*********
6Taunting a co-worker with constant tallk of sex or sexual innuendosDismissal*********
7Displaying offensive pictures or publication in the workplaceDismissal*********
8Asking a co-worker intimate questions on his or her sexual activitiesDismissal*********
9Making offensive hand or body gestures at a co-workerDismissal*********
10Making obscene phone calls/text messages to a co-workerDismissal*********
11Pinching, groping, unnecessarily brushing up against, or touching a co-worker in sensitive parts of his or her body which threats of a sexual nature and actual sexual assaultDismissal*********
12Aggressive or abusive behaviour, such as shouting or personal insultsDismissal*********
Management representatives must exemplify company's desired values, behavior and ethics at the workplace************
1Failure to coach agentsVerbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspension/Dismissal
2Failure to submit forms, and pertinent douments within the allowed time frame (Team Leads/ Managers)Written WarningFinal WarningSuspensionDismissal
3Failure of a Manager to act on an infraction against the code of conduct by an employee under his supervisionWritten WarningFinal WarningSuspensionDismissal
4Obtaining personal loans or personal favors from subordinatesFinal WarningDismissal******
5Making decisions that result to and put the company in a compromising situationFinal WarningDismissal******
6Non-disclosure of violations against company policies and procedures. Violations, especially critical ones must be escalated within 24hoursFinal WarningDismissal******
7Allowing and/or creating paper (or any other medium )scripts for staffFinal WarningDismissal******
8Neglect of responsibility related to a leadership functionDismissal*********
9Abuse of authority related to a leadership functionDismissal*********
10Breach or abuse of trust reposed by the company duly authorized representativeDismissal*********
11Allowing and/or leading employees to defraud the customers/companyDismissal*********
1For Team Managers and above: Failure to disseminate information, implement policies, procedures, etc.Verbal WarningWritten WarningFinal WarningDismissal
2For Team Managers and above: Deliberately condoning, tolerating, participating or covering up an offense committed by a subordinateFinal WarningDismissal******
3Commission of any three (3) offenses subject for Written Warning and above in any 12 month periodDismissal*********
4Participating in activities embedded with conflicts of interest - as defined in Telework PH's Code of Business Conduct and EthicsDismissal*********