How to apply online on website

  1. Open a Web Browser
  2. Type or Copy this URL Link on the address bar and press Enter.
  3. After entering you will be directed to job portal website.
  4. Kindly click “Apply Now”
how to apply 1
  1. After clicking on “Apply Now” you are required to create an account.
how to apply 2
  1. Kindly fill out all the blank fields above and Click “Submit”.
how to apply 3
  1. An email verification will be sent to your email address.
how to apply 4
  1. Kindly confirm your registration by clicking on the verification link sent to your email address.
how to apply 5
  1. After verifying your email you will be notified that you have successfully registered your account, You may now login your newly registered account.
how to apply 6
  1. You are required to fill out and complete all the fields below, After the completion click > Next.
how to apply 7
how to apply 8
  1. Choose a skillset that will define your expertise.
how to apply 9
  1. You must convert your resume first into PDF format, After the conversion attach and upload your resume using your full name as a filename. Do not forget to give detailed information regarding your skill sets. When done just click Validate and Submit.
how to apply 10
  1. Congratulations you have successfully applied at
how to apply 11

How to convert your Resume into a PDF file.

  1. Open you resume using MS Word.
docx to pdf 1
  1. Click File, then Save As, Save your file by clicking at Documents.
docx to pdf 2
docx to pdf 3
  1. After clicking Documents, A new window will pop up,Make sure to modify the file format from Word document to a PDF file then create a filename for your resume, please use your full name as a filename of your resume then click Save.
docx to pdf 4
docx to pdf 5

How to update your application on

  1. First you must log in your account to
how to update cv 1
  1. After logging in your account go to Application Detail and click on  Update Details below.
how to update cv 2
  1. You may now update your current personal details at, Please take note that you can also add  a new skill set and update your curriculum vitae by uploading a new one .
how to update cv 3
how to update cv 4
how to update cv 5
  1.  For uploading an updated CV, click on the “Choose File” button and attach an updated copy of your CV, before uploading make sure that your file is in PDF format and use your full name as a filename for your CV when done uploading click “Update CV”.
how to update cv 6
  1. Click Submit and Validate and you're done, You have successfully updated all your personal details.
how to update cv 7