Introductory Module


Below is a brief introduction to the platform of Amazon and Amazon Seller Central. Before deciding on how to become an Amazon seller, you have to consider the following topics to get started. It’s important to take the time to prepare your store for customers, but once your account is all set up, you can add your inventory and get your store up and running.

Learning Objectives

  1. Provide steps and guidelines on how to set up and create Amazon account and Amazon Seller Central account
  2. Determine the different Amazon sites in each country
  3. Describe the key features of the Seller Central platform
  4. Provide instructions on how to add a new user to an existing Amazon Seller Central Account and how to add permissions.


  • Creating your Amazon account
  • Setting Up your Amazon Seller Central account
  • Adding a New User to an Existing Amazon Seller Account
  • Features/functions of Seller Central