Module 1: Product Research


This module will help you identify what product you want to sell on Amazon. The research you conduct at this initial stage is one of the most important tasks in this entire process. The data you gather and the product choices you make from that data will determine the success or failure of your entire project. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Determine the different types of products sources and where you can source your products from
  2. Identify the characteristics of a good product to sell on Amazon
  3. Check out the appropriate tools to use for product research 
  4. Help you find the right supplier/ manufacturer


  • 3 Types of Product Sources
    • Retail Stores/ Outlets
    • Private Label Manufacturers
    • Wholesale Suppliers/ Manufacturers
  • Characteristics of a Good Product to Sell
  • Online Tools for Amazon Product Research
  • Finding a Supplier/ Manufacturer