Module 5: Customer Service


This module will help you build a strong buyer and seller relationship. A great customer–seller relationship is vital when marketing high-quality products. Amazon is highly aware of this, which is why they make customer service one of its key features. Certain factors under customer service will be covered for you to meet your buyers’ expectations. You should know the importance of communication between the buyer and seller.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand patterns of investment and reward, and effectively manage the process that defines the dynamics of buyer-seller evolution
  2. Activate and maximize the messaging service of Amazon
  3. Determine the importance of customer’s reviews and feedback
  4. Establish a great understanding of order management


  • Amazon Buyer-Seller Messages Service
  • Product Reviews and Seller Feedback
  • Order Management
    • View and Search Orders
    • Order Status
    • Confirming Orders
    • Cancelling Orders
    • Return and Refund of Orders