Memorandum #42; WFH IT Policy #2 – Monitoring Software

Memorandum #42; WFH IT Policy #2 - Monitoring Software


Memorandum #42

To: All Telework PH Employees
Cc: CIO Lyn
From: IT Department

Date: June 29, 2021

Re: WFH IT Policy #2 - Monitoring Software

As part of our IT Policy, we require “All” Employees to install a Monitoring Software, Traqq. This Software monitors productivity and performance via automated tools (take screenshots and screen recordings, log team activity levels, monitor app, and web use). This is also going to be our main time logging tool that is essential for
payroll starting July 2, 2021.

Screenshots and Video recordings are taken in the background. For the user’s privacy, the screenshots, and videos are blurred.

Logging of Team Activity Levels - measures and analyzes the user’s activity levels and records working and Idle hours.

App and Web Use - monitors the opened app and web history of the user.

Privacy Concerns
Do not worry, your privacy is our top priority! The quality of collected screenshots and video clips is intentionally reduced to the extent that would prevent sensitive and personal information such as private messages or passwords from being visible.

PDF version of this memorandum can be found here