Advertising Report

If you are running an advertising campaign through Sponsored Products, you’ll periodically want to review the results of your campaign to make changes or adjust your approach. Here are the steps on how to access your advertising report:

Step 1: Begin by selecting Advertising Reports from the Reports drop-down on the Seller Central homepage.

Step 2: Within Advertising Reports you will find a wide range of options for how to view your advertising results, such as viewing performance over time or the performance of a specific SKU or placement.

Step 3: You can also pull a search term report to identify which search terms are the highest performing for your advertising campaigns, allowing you to modify the keywords or bids on your campaigns to make them more effective. The Other ASIN report is a helpful tool that shows you the other ASINs purchased after a customer clicks on one of your ads. At the bottom of each report type you can request a single report or you can schedule the report to run at regular intervals.