Elements of Product Listing

There are 4 elements associated with Amazon product listing: Product Title, Description, Features, and Image. All of the elements can be modified,  controlled, and edited within your seller central account. Make sure to follow the guidelines for every element related to your product listings. This helps you outrank your competitors, add value, and increase your customer base.

  • Product Title
    It is the most important element in your listing since it’s what Amazon focuses on the most when it comes to keyword ranking. Keep in mind that a title should give an accurate overview of what your product is and does. You should include the main keyword for the product as close to the start of the title as possible. You should also include all the main elements such as brand, product name, model number, color, size, type, etc. For some products, this will mean including dimensions or quantity counts. It’s also crucial that you include the most important keywords here. Your product title in an Amazon product listing can be up to 500 characters (with some products you get 250 characters), so there is plenty of space to go into detail. In fact, many product titles on Amazon are more like mini descriptions of the product. In most cases, the more information you give, the better.
  • Product Features
    In Amazon, the bullet points are known as product features. Below the price, product options, and shipping details of an Amazon product listing’s page are several bullet points. . This is where you can elaborate on and highlight important aspects of your product. This is also where you’ll want to include any important keywords you didn’t fit into your title. The best way to use this section is to highlight the product’s main features and benefits. You should do this while using as many secondary keywords as possible. Keep it interesting and convincing enough for a buyer to make a purchase.
  • Product Description
    A good description undeniably reveals a product better. Your product description is where you can write in greater detail about your product and expand on what you covered in the bullet point section. It allows you to provide more information about the product and include your keywords again. Although brevity and keyword placement is key in the title and bullet points, the product description is where you can establish your brand voice. If a buyer gets to your product description, he/she is more likely to purchase your product, however are still not sure yet. Different experts have different opinions in making a great description. Keep these guidelines in mind:
    • Keep the description precise, clear, and short
    • Describe how your product can make your customers lives easier and better.
    • Talk about its functionality and features. Demonstrate using real life examples if it is feasible
    • Start with a heading and elaborate your point
    • Talk about the product quality and warranty if you offer any
    • Include information only that is related to your product
    • Do not use quotes or testimonials here
    • Ensure that your description matches the images
    • Avoid using HTML tags
  • Product Image
    An Amazon product listing should have at least five and a maximum of nine images of the product. Your product images should be clear, high quality, and extraordinary to help you convert. There should be a variety of images too, including images showing the product’s size and the product being used. The first, and most important, image in your photo set is called the hero image. This is the main image shoppers see when looking at your product in search results or on your listing page. In addition to your hero image, you can add images to show your product in use, known as lifestyle photos. Showing multiple angles of the product and its packaging is also helpful. In addition, it is important to follow Amazon’s requirements for images. You can evaluate the quality of your images with the following criteria:
    • Close-up and clear shots of the images
    • Images shouldn’t be blurred
    • The product should be well lit and properly focused
    • The product must be easily recognizable
    • The product should occupy 80% of the space provided