How to Create FBA/Shipping Plans

When you’re ready to send inventory to Amazon, you begin by creating a shipping plan. A shipping plan specifies:

  • The products you want to send to Amazon
  • The quantity of each product
  • The shipping method and carrier details
  • Whether or not you want to prep and label your inventory yourself or have Amazon do it

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: In your Seller Central dashboard, click on edit inventory and click “Change to Fulfilled by Amazon”.

Step 2:  Click on “Convert Only”. Wait for a few minutes, refresh the page, and now that it’s fulfilled by Amazon click on “Print Item Labels”.

Step 3: Click edit and then “Send/replenish inventory”

You want to select case-packed products. What this means is that you are going to send all of your products together in one big box. If you are sending multiple products in one box into Amazon FBA then you will select individual products.
Next, fill in the “Ship from” field. In the beginning, it’s your house but it can also be your FBA inspection service that will be prepping your products after receiving them from your Chinese supplier.

Step 4: Fill out the Hazmat Review Form. Depending on your category, just to be safe, Amazon will ask you to fill out a hazmat review form.

You want to tell Amazon how many units per case you’re sending to their warehouse and then how many cases you’re sending them. Since your product is most likely not hazardous you want to download the exemption sheet that you need to fill out. Click no on the entire sheet and save it on your desktop. You can then upload the document and hit continue.

Step 5: Fill out the dimensions of your actual individual product, and prep information. It’s okay to be approximate, just don’t be completely wrong.  If you don’t know then ask your supplier and they would be more than willing to help you. 

Then fill out the units per case and the number of cases you’re sending. After you set the quantity, click on continue.

Next, it’s going to ask you if prep is required. What they’re asking is if there is any prep required by Amazon in their warehouses. The answer should be no. Either you are preparing your products or your prep/inspection company would be preparing your products for you.

 Hit “Continue”. The page asks you “Who Labels?” you want to select “Merchant”. Put the label on the packaging earlier or the 3rd party company you paid to do it. You don’t need to print labels here because that would be if you wanted to create stickers for every single one of your products.

Quickly Prep & Ship Products to Amazon FBA

Now you need to select how your products are going to be sent to Amazon. Small parcel delivery and if you’re sending the products from your house you would be using your own shipping services. It can be FedEx, DHL, UPS or even the US post office, whatever you like.

If a third party is sending your shipments ask them who they’re using to send your products in and they will give you all of that information. Make sure all of the shipping information is correct and ask your third party freight forwarder how much 1 box weights and what the dimensions are. Otherwise, you can weigh the box in your house by stepping on a scale. Print your box shipping labels.

You need to send the file of these labels to whoever is going to be doing the shipping for you if it’s not yourself.

Once you send your products into Amazon you will get a tracking number from your shipping company. If you sent 10 boxes then you should get 10 tracking numbers. Place the tracking numbers in your Amazon seller dashboard.