How To List A New Product

Listing a new product on Amazon involves two things, which you must always keep in mind:

  • If you sell your own product, you should create a new listing on Amazon. This means that you are the first seller to sell that product in the Amazon marketplace.
  • If you have multiple merchants selling the same item that you do, then they share a common Amazon listing. You have to use the same and shouldn’t create a new listing for it.

Steps to create a new listing:

Step 1: Login to your seller central account and go to the dashboard.

Step 2: On the main menu, hover to “Inventory.”

Step 3: A sub-menu pops up. Click “Add a Product” from the list.

Step 4: You will be redirected to a detailed page where you can add the product.

Step 5: Here, you will have the choice to either select an existing item or create your own. If you want to be a reseller, type in the ASIN, UPC, etc of the product and hit search. If you are creating a new product, click on Create a new product listing. You can search from Amazon’s catalog or choose to add a new product that is not sold on Amazon.

Step 6: Choose the product category and subcategorize to classify the item that you sell. You can also type under the search bar the specific category then hit Find category. If you feel that your product can be listed under two categories, then look at the other sellers and see in which category they are listing their products.

Step 7: Once you choose the appropriate product category, you will be enabled to fill out the product listing’s information.

Step 8: You will be asked to fill the product title, product description, product images, and so on. Now, this is the part that can make or break your listing. The details that you give should be engaging and yet informative. Most importantly, it should be convincing enough for the buyers to purchase your product.

Step 9: You will have to fill details in every tab named Variations, Offer, Images, Description, Keywords, etc. If you see a red warning symbol on any of these tabs, it signifies that you have missed entering the essential details required to make the listing available on Amazon Marketplace. Until you don’t do this, your listing will not be published.

It is important that you proactively monitor your inventory levels and ensure that you have more than enough time to replenish your stock. One of the many factors that go into ranking your products superbly on Amazon is inventory level. Since Amazon wants its customers to benefit from a world-class shopping experience, it generally shows only those results which have the product in stock. It is also recommended that you set up a well-defined process to restock your inventory by communicating with your manufacturer/sourcing connection.

Furthermore, Amazon stands to make money off every sale you make and if you go out of stock, it will be bad for business. Therefore, when you fail to replenish your inventory in time, your listing will be pushed down in the search results and they will be replaced by your competitors. To get back up in the rankings, you will have to start from scratch.