Online Tools for Amazon Product Research

There are two ways on how to perform an Amazon Product Research: Manual research and With automated tools. If you want to do it manually, then Amazon itself is a great resource to carry out a few things for the process. You can follow two simple steps:

  1. Check The Best-Sellers List
    The Amazon platform offers you with a great help for product research through the  Amazon’s Best Sellers page. You can check the page as it displays all the top-selling products here. The products can be searched based on their categories & sub-categories. You can predict what products can appeal your target audience based on a product’s selling info. You can also generate a product idea through the following ways:
  • Amazon’s best-seller list
  • Amazon storefronts
  • Exploring the retail stores
  • Amazon’s Movers & Shakers
  • Amazon Basics
  • Browsing about a few products on Pinterest
  • Exploring the Shopify stores
  • Looking at the eBay’s trending list
  • Checking the section – “Customers Also Bought”
  • Amazon’s product sub-tiers
  • Seeing through the AliExpress’s Weekly best-sellers list

Once you have an idea about the niche and the respective product, see if the product is in-demand or not through the following ways:

  • Google keyword planner
  • Sellerapp’s Product Intelligence tool
  • Google trends
  1. See What The Competitors Are Doing
    The Amazon’s Best Sellers page enables you to see through your primary competitors. You can check how they do their product listings, especially how they get good ratings and customer reviews. You can also check on the competitors outside Amazon by checking the keywords on different search engines. Aside from this, you can also purchase some products from the competitors to see what type of service they offer and how they manage them. You can get their best practices or areas for keeping, then identify the areas for improvement. 

    Aside from doing your research manually, there are some tools online that you can use for product research. This is indeed one of the quickest ways to perform product research. They save your time and come handy. These tools don’t select products to sell on Amazon for you, but these will allow you to sort your ideas and filter out bad ones from good ones based on the criteria mentioned on the previous topic. Here are some of the sample tools that can be used:
  1. Viral Launch
    Viral Launch is one of the tools that can help you find profitable products that you can source and sell on Amazon. It offers 9 product assets that it labels as solutions on its website. 
    • Kinetic PPC
    • Product Discovery
    • Market Intelligence
    • Keyword Research
    • Competitor Intelligence
    • Listing Analyzer
    • Keyword Manager
    • Listing Builder
    • Split Testing

The biggest advantage for Viral Launch is it includes a Chrome extension in the pricing. Viral Launch also allows easy integration with a Chrome browser extension that is included in every package. Their wide range of features is also perfectly integrated to save you from having to copy and paste data. Other than that, Viral Launches advantages come from it being designed as a research and launch software with a great product discovery tool. 

Viral Launch also extends up to 10 Amazon marketplaces. Viral Launch’s feature of Product Discovery is one of their best assets. This is used to find the ideal product to sell. You can now do smart business on real-time data with feasible strategies from their extensive analytical information on products and sellers. With all features working together for a convenient, all-in-one solution, it allows you to easily achieve your most important business goals.