Payment and Tax Report

Payments report offers information about payment and FBA charges and explains how to identify individual transactions. Generating payment and tax reports from Seller Central is one of those things that you’ll need to do on a regular basis, so it is a good idea to be well-versed on the process. Follow these steps below on how to access the payment report:

Step 1: Select Payments from the Reports drop-down on the Seller Central homepage.

Step 2: From here you will be taken to a screen where you can view your payments information as statements, transaction level reports, or date range reports. You can also generate reports specific to advertising payments that you have made for Sponsored Product campaigns.

Step 3: When looking at transaction view reporting you have the option to search by various dates such as a certain statement date, a specific date range, or payments made within the last certain number of days. You can also search by Order ID, or filter the view by transaction types to identify payments from returns, chargebacks, service fees, or other types of payments.

If you are a Professional Seller who has configured the Tax Calculation Service you will have access to a Sales Tax Report. Check on the steps below on how to access the tax report:

Step 1: On the Seller Central homepage, select Tax Document Library from the Reports drop-down.

Step 2: Under Sales Tax Reports click Generate a tax report, and select the date range you wish to see for your report. You can select a specific month or a custom date range. Click Generate to run the report.