Product Launches

Another way to get your product more visibility is through product launches. These will help kickstart your listing through deeply discounted sales. This helps Amazon’s algorithm understand your product as important for the keywords in your listing, and the goal is to increase your product’s rank in search results. The higher a product ranks on Amazon, the greater your sales opportunity. Most shoppers don’t make it past the first couple pages when browsing, which is why page-one positions for major keywords are so important. When launching, it is important to give products a boost over a certain period of time. 

For the campaign to gain momentum, aggressive, high bids are necessary. Before you start advertising your items, you must fulfill a number of conditions. You should start your advertising campaigns only when these conditions are met. Here are the  prerequisites for a product launch with Sponsored Ads:

  1. Optimized content: First of all, it is necessary to optimize the content on the product detail page. Performing a comprehensive content relevance analysis ensures that you create content tailored to the needs of your customers. Optimized content forms the basis for an effective advertising strategy.
  1. Reviews/ Vine Reviews: For online shoppers, reviews are key drivers for visiting the product detail page and a crucial factor for the purchase decision. Without reviews, the conversion rate is much lower. To assess whether the new product has enough reviews for the launch, take a look at your product’s surroundings. Depending on the category, the number of ratings can vary considerably.

    Note: Vine reviews are a special type of reviews. Amazon selects consumers based on various criteria and then invites them to test and review a product before publishing it. The manufacturers have no influence on vine reviews. The independent opinion of the product testers is at the forefront.

    Instead of Vine reviews, you can also try to get verified customer reviews purely through organic ranking and traffic. Generating “normal” reviews for a new product is difficult in most cases and requires that the article has been sold several times.
  1. Sufficient stock: Make sure you have enough merchandise in stock before advertising a product more intensively. Especially at the beginning, the supply should be guaranteed not to run out of stock (OOS). Advertising OOS products generally makes no sense, as either a competitor has the Buy Box or customers cannot order the advertised product at all. This means that you waste your marketing budget and may even be promoting the sales of other sellers.

For a launch, you can work with a Viral Launch Amazon seller coach who will look for a major keyword for your product with high search volume that will lead to the most relevant impressions possible. Next, your coach will do research to determine how many units you should give away at a discounted price. Usually, the discounts end up being about 90%. A heavy discount helps ensure all of your giveaway units are purchased within the right time frame. Your coach will determine how many products to give away based on the sales of page-one competitors. Most of our launches are for a period of 7 to 10 days because we’ve found that it’s a long enough period of time for Amazon to recognize the sales but also short enough to limit the number of products being given away.

The end result of a product launch is that your ranking in Amazon’s search results will be on page one, providing you with some strong exposure to consumers and the chance to begin driving significant sales. Sales and rank both influence each other. As your sales increase, your organic ranking will increase, which will help your visibility to drive sales and your ranking will continue to rise.